Project AJ117

Project AJ117 is the successful result of a sales+design cooperation with a great passion for delicate fabrics, soft knits, raw details and unique finishing.
A permanent essential collection of β€œeasy to wear” styles, complemented with 4 annual season collections in beautiful colors and matching patterns.

Munderingskompagniet – MDK

Munderingskompagniet is a fantastic collection of fashionable leather garments for men, women and kids in a wide range of styles and qualities, suede and washed leathers, aiming to always be your favorite wardrobe piece.

Birgitte Herskind

Birgitte Herskind is the woman behind and the creator of the collections, named ‘Birgitte Herskind’. The keyword is ‘instagrammable high fashion’, an interpretation of current trends with respect for the rules of the online universe and the requests of a modern consumer.

M Wiesneck

M Wiesneck is a Copenhagen brand with no boundaries, no borders, no rules except being wearable every day. It is the reinvented classics that never ever turn boring. It is a very personal collection, designed by Michala Wiesneck, and built around the diversity in every woman’s wardrobe


Since founding in 1986, the Italian label Campomaggi is known for handmade bags in unique vintage look. Marco Campomaggi has its creative talent from his father, a sculptor. Even at school he designed his first bag creations. He used saddle leather, metal fittings and sold his first bags directly to friends and bypassers.


A remarkable UK brand of distinctive collections with characteristic prints, unique details and beautiful pieces of handicraft inspired by the Hollywood Heydays of the 1920s, the bohemian lifestyle of the 1970s, wild nature and gorgeous flora from all over the world.